Nocturne – Remote Corners


This corner-to-corner project aimed to build sensory bridges between Halifax and five cities around the world. Utilizing 5 cellphones fitted with amplifiers stationed at various points around the Halifax we created a live and personal connection to five other international cities and their people.

Chris Devanney
Connor Douglas
John McKoy
Morgan Douglas & Jamie Giffin
Patrick Campbell

Dan Niño
Michael Eddy
Tith Kanitha
Will Tinapple & ABC OPEN (Australia)
Karen Bodie

Sponsored by
FPS Productions
Bell Aliant
Signs by Sojourn

Special thanks to
Irving Abbott
Diego Bermúdez
Jamie Korab
Peter Ford
Rachel Honig
Jenny Johnson
Dana Langlois
Jamie Maclellan
Lydia Parusol
Marc Pollack
Bridget Quigley
Alyson Queen
Brenda Sanderson
John Sherlock
Andew Sowerby
Siobhan Wiggans
Elizabeth Woodyard
Reaksmey Yean
Rose Zack
Halifax Regional Municipality
Visual Arts Nova Scotia
and, of course, Nocturne

Also appearing in this video:
Bridget Quigley
Janset Mufti
Joëlle Désy
and the friendly residents of
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Music made available under a
Creative Commons
attribution-noncommercial license.
Beatpick Music
Mokhov “Unfold”
Mokhov “Halcyon Days”
Forged “Tropics”

© 2012